Estancia Bohemia is delighted to announce the grand reopening of our boutique hotel, unveiling a new concept of colonial charm and luxury. Nestled within the historic Conde de Lombillo Palace on the iconic Plaza Vieja of Old Havana, Cuba, Estancia Bohemia offers an unparalleled experience for discerning travelers seeking refinement and elegance and a homing touch in their accommodations.

The Location

A former residence of the Spanish Conde de Lombillo family, Estancia Bohemia offers a unique opportunity to live in a secluded oasis of charme and luxury in the heart of Old Havana: Your home away from home in a timeless city.

Estancia Bohemia is right on the Plaza Vieja, is literally a step away from local breweries, cafes, design shops, restaurants, bars, the Havana Planetarium, and the various thematic museums scattered in the old town.

It feels like Hemingway is around the corner sipping a Daiquiri, while traditional music is played outside old fashioned bars

The white and blue building, the frescos, and its inner patio structure is a reminiscence of the Mediterranean flavor imported to Cuba during the colonial times. Estancia’s friendly and charming Café Bohemia is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Old Havana and a breakout into the best Cuban cocktails experience.

Estancia Bohemia is an historical residence dated 1780 with a light, chic and romantic atmosphere, that thanks to a careful renovation that has maintained the soul of the place and preserved the initial architectural elements, has returned to its original splendor. King size bed with luxury Frette linen and towels, Erbolario Toiletries, Illy iperespresso coffee machines, the Sicilian hand-made tiles bring in a touch of the Italian heritage of our family.

At Estancia Bohemia I felt like family by the end of my trip. I loved my room: it was so cozy and clean and stylish. I think it’s the best place to stay in La Havana
Our Offering

Estancia Bohemia is our second luxury hospitality project in Havana. The first one, Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel is another unique hidden gem you may want to check out at