Café Bohemia


The Café

Café Bohemia, a literary and artsy hotspot since its establishment, is a genuine tribute to Ricardo Saenz: the Bohemia magazine’s late director and father of Estancia’s owner Diana. Café Bohemia offers traditional dishes rooted in a local organic farm, vegetarian options, and Italian home-made pastas, pizzas and pastries. The food is served on the Plaza Vieja, where a meticulous restauration work of original furniture from Cuban villas gardens and terraces has created a vibrant setting and colorful décor. Live Cuban traditional music will immerse you in the local vibe and atmosphere of this beautiful city. It feels like Hemingway is around the corner sipping a Daiquiri, while traditional music is played outside old fashioned bars.

Il Café
I like to sit and drink tea at their shaded tables right on the cobblestoned plaza, but don’t miss seeing the offbeat restaurant interior, tucked away through an 18th century archway opening up into a resplendent courtyard

Estancia Bohemia Boutique Hotel guests will have their breakfast served at Café Bohemia, whether on the Plaza Vieja or in the inner courtyard reserved areas. Starting the day sipping an Italian espresso made with Cuban coffee, while watching people strolling on the square or kids playing is a joyful way to fill your soul with positive energy. The inner courtyard is the al fresco alternative for your breakfast, drinks and meals while staying with us, in your home away from home.